We hear that you’re engaged. Congratulations! You’ve got an absolute stunner of a ring on your finger, and you want the whole world to see it – or do you? If you’re planning a trip but are hesitant about taking your very sentimental (and, let’s be real, very expensive) engagement ring along with you, you might be wondering what your options are. 

First and foremost, get that baby insured (we’ll get into that more in a sec). Next, consider a fake engagement ring, better known as a travel ring. 

Travel rings are engagement ring replicas that are made to look like the real deal. They sparkle when you wiggle your fingers, look gorgeous, can elevate any outfit, and cost a fraction of the price of a real diamond ring. And best of all, an engagement ring replica can help put your mind at ease when you’re on that trip of a lifetime. Because who wants to spend their honeymoon worrying about losing a ring?

Ready to meet your engagement ring’s spectacular stand-in? Let’s dive right in. 

What exactly is a simulated diamond ring?

In the simplest of terms, a travel ring is a fake diamond ring that looks real. They can be worn in place of your actual engagement ring or wedding ring while you’re jet-setting around the world, or simply while you’re out and about and don’t want to put your precious ring at risk. 

These engagement ring replicas can lessen the chances of theft, loss, and damage, allowing you to flaunt a gorgeous piece of jewellery and maintain your style – all while your real ring is safe and sound in your jewellery box at home. 

And since travel rings are usually made with less expensive materials than traditional engagement rings or wedding rings, they give you the appearance of a real diamond without the accompanying hefty price tag.  

How are OBJKTS Travel Rings made?

We’re so glad you asked. Not all travel rings are created equal, and just one look at our collection will prove that we make the absolute best fake diamond rings. 

To start, our simulated diamond rings are made with high-grade 5A cubic zirconia. Each and every one of these stones is hand-carved and hand-finished with the help of a cutting disk, a process that ensures a glimmering result. We use crushed ice cutting for most of our simulated diamonds because it produces many tiny facets on the stone that sparkle like the sea on a sunny day. 

The quality, craftsmanship, and cut of our cubic zirconia stones provide that characteristic diamond glitz without using an actual diamond. The result? Travel rings that look far more expensive – and real – than they actually are. 

Our 5A cubic zirconia has a shine and luster that you won’t find in crystals, rhinestones, or even lower-grade cubic zirconia, like 3A. Our simulated diamonds will also retain their brightness long after lesser-quality fake diamonds have dulled.

To complete the look of our fake engagement rings, OBJKTS Jewelry travel rings are set in 925 sterling silver that is plated in either 14K gold or rhodium, both of which are durable metals that produce an eye-catching sheen.

Should I choose 14K gold or rhodium?

That one is totally up to you. Both deliver a fantastic shine that won’t turn your fingers green, so the answer truly lies in your personal style. We do, however, think that travel rings offer the perfect opportunity to change it up or try out a new look, should you be so inclined. After all, we can sometimes feel like a different version of ourselves on vacation – shouldn’t our fake engagement rings get in on the fun, too? 

Do I still need to get my real ring insured? 

We cannot emphasise this enough: travel ring or not, you should definitely insure your real engagement ring. Diamonds are forever… until they’re not. Whether it’s a family heirloom or a brand-spanking-new, custom-designed piece, we can bet that that ring on your finger is very important to you – too important to risk loss, damage, or theft. 

Although going through the process of insuring your ring can seem like a daunting task on that never-ending to-do list, the “what-ifs” just aren’t worth it, in our opinion. Have it appraised, get it insured, and put your mind at ease. 

And while you’re at it, maybe add a travel ring to your jewellery box, too. That way, when and if you leave it behind on a white sand beach or it falls down a hotel room sink, the loss won’t be quite as devastating. Insurance can cover the cost of replacing your ring, but it won’t bring that precious piece of jewellery back. Travel confidently, knowing that your actual ring will be at home, waiting for you just where you left it. 

Do I have to be engaged to wear a travel ring? 

Absolutely not! Travel rings are for everyone, regardless of relationship status. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to wear a diamond ring replica that have absolutely nothing to do with being engaged or married. 

First off, our simulated diamond rings are the perfect way to make any outfit – or day! – feel a little more special. Whether you want to add a touch of glitz and glam to your jeans and tee, or you’re dressed to the nines for a fancy event and need a brilliant piece of jewellery to match, our high-quality, high-sparkle fake engagement rings are just the thing. Wear it on any finger you want.

Because we’re firm believers in buying yourself a little treat every now and then, we think an engagement ring replica is the perfect gift to give yourself. Just imagine a ring that sparkles like a starry night on your finger, without the real diamond price tag or the real life-long commitment. What’s not to love? Buy a few and create a stack that’s from you, to you.

Heading on a girls’ trip or traveling alone? Add a simulated diamond ring to your packing list. While a ring won’t protect you (it doesn’t have superpowers, after all), some women say they feel a little more confident knowing that their ring might deter unwanted suitors without them even having to say a word. What better way to crush someone than with a crushed ice faux diamond

A fake engagement ring or travel ring is also a great way to test-drive engagement rings before investing in the real thing. With so many styles available – princess or cushion cut? A pavé halo or a simple setting? Modern or vintage-inspired?  – it can be hard to decide what style you like best. Since a travel ring is a much more affordable option, you can try out a few styles before saying “I do” to The One. 

Lastly, some women opt to purchase an engagement ring replica when they are pregnant. Sometimes referred to as pregnancy wedding rings or pregnancy engagement rings, these stand-ins are one to two sizes bigger than your normal ring size, so you can comfortably wear your most sentimental jewellery right up until you give birth. 

What should my travel ring look like? 

The beauty of a travel ring is that it can look like whatever you want it to look like. Our thoughtfully-designed collection of engagement ring replicas includes a wide range of sparkling styles that are so dazzling they’re practically hypnotic. 

Feeling classic? We love a timeless style just as much as the next person and offer multiple rings that fit the bill. Opt for a perennially popular cushion-cut simulated diamond stone on a half micro-pavé band, a pear-cut stone that sparkles intensely in even the lowest of lights, or a large oval-cut cubic zirconia stone flanked by pavé stones.

Or, perhaps your style is a touch more modern and unexpected. We love that for you, and we suggest our Waves Collection. The subtle curves paired with glistening stones are designed to reflect the energy of the ocean and delight you with wave after wave of radiance and shine. 

Whatever style you choose, every one of our simulated diamond rings is made with high-quality 5A cubic zirconia with a 925 sterling silver band and setting. 

In addition to choosing between a 14K gold-plated band or a rhodium-plated platinum band, we also have gemstones in almost every color of the (faux) diamond rainbow. Champagne, candy pink, sea blue, violet purple, and – of course – classic clear are just some of the options available. 

Our variety of cuts, settings, and colors allows you to choose a truly sparkling combination that resonates with your personal style and gives you peace of mind when you need it. 

Does my travel ring need to look like my engagement ring? 

The short answer is no. While a travel ring is, at its core, an engagement ring replica, it doesn’t have to be a replica of your engagement ring. If you’re in the market for a travel ring (and if you’ve read this far, you probably are), you might think of this moment as an opportunity to add a new ring style to your current collection. 

If your engagement ring is classic and simple, perhaps you opt for a travel ring that is a bit bigger and over-the-top, or vice versa. One of the big benefits of a fake engagement ring is the price, so you might even consider adding a few to your rotation so that you can change up your ring depending on your mood, outfit, and – of course – location. 

Can I wear my travel ring every day?

Think of our simulated diamond rings as your partner in adventure. It’s made to travel and is, therefore, quite durable. In other words, it’s the ideal piece of jewellery to wear on occasion when you want to leave your engagement ring at home. 

While cubic zirconia is stronger than many natural gemstones, it’s not quite as tough as a real diamond, so we do not recommend wearing our travel rings every day. 

Ok, you’ve convinced me. How do I choose a travel ring? 

Lucky for you, the best place to start is right here on our website. Head on over to the rings section and browse our collection of the best fake engagement rings. Filter by size, color, material, and style, or just have a scroll and see what jumps out at you. 

When you’re ready to purchase, we have a handy little printable ring size guide. You can either use a ring you already have to double-check the sizing or follow the instructions to cut out and use our ring sizer. (Pro tip: always measure when your hands are warm!)

All of our engagement ring replicas look like the real deal, won’t turn your fingers green, and are durable enough for your travels. We offer a 60-day warranty that covers any accidental damage (they are made for adventure, after all) and a 1-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. Don’t love your ring? You can always return or exchange it within 30 days of purchase.  

Ready to sparkle? Start browsing our collection of travel rings now.