Bracelet size guide

Get a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your wrist. Find your circumference in CM. Add 1cm-2.5cm depending if you would like your bracelet to fit tight or loose. 2cm is the average and recommended for a comfort fit, we recommend 2cm for the tennis bracelets.

For example - if you wrist circumference is 14cm and you like a tight fit, you can go for the 15cm bracelet for a tight fit, or the 16cm bracelet for a normal fit (recommended), or the 17cm bracelet for a looser fit.

Please note that for the really thin chain bracelets such as Nebula bracelet, we recommend adding 0.5cm-2cm. 1cm is recommended.

For the thicker bracelets such as the Cuban bracelet we recommend adding 2cm-3.5cm. 2.5-3cm is recommended.