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7 gorgeous stacks to wear for brunch with the girls

These days brunch is the only way we like to kickstart the weekend. With all our favourite eateries finally open and Carrie and co. heading back to our screens, brunch is the perfect way to savour dreamy weekend afternoons with the girls by your side.

From tropical brights to beach party vibes, here’s all the inspo you need for summertime stacks that ensure you’re brunch-ready.

The wait is over

We’ve waited it out patiently but the time is finally here and get glammed up we will.

Gold and ice are the key looks this season because after this long – we ain’t playing. Glittering diamond rings, shimmering eternity rings, shining gold bands and gleaming statement jewels are everything we want right now. Why wait any longer? Stack them high on your middle finger then top with a glittering wishbone ring for a boojie look that oozes confidence.

Wearing: Exilis ring, Luna ring, Pave Wishbone V ring

Streamlined Bling

East west rings ensure ice is done the right way. This sophisticated look twists your solitaire on its side, highlighting the beauty of the jewel whilst ensuring it glitters in every direction. Your jewel will already look bigger but you can take attention to the max by stacking on sparkling eternity rings to guarantee no-one will misses your stack.

Wearing: East-West Radiant Pave Ring, Ignis Ring, Petite Brilliant round ring

Mood Lift Me Brights

Pack your hand with mood-enhancing colour so even when the sun’s not shining, you can still look down and feel good. Colourful enamel brights and jewels are everywhere this season. The green jewel on a chunky gold band reflects all this season’s hottest trends. When paired with the tropical floral bright enamel ring, all that’s left, is to choose the right tiki cocktail to match.

Wearing: Green Emerald Chain Ring, Enamel Flower Ring

Anarchy Just Because

With summer’s statement jewels floating on air, this bold off-set ring paired with this season’s pearl-like spheres in an eternity setting gives off the exact combination of almost regal elegance and don’t mess with me attitude we feel right now.

( It’s summer – we’re staycationing – these are our emotions right now – just sayin)

Wearing: Doux Ring, Graduated Brilliant Round Ring

Close Connections

Interlinking shapes is a big trend this season and with us all so starved of close contact with our loved ones, it’s no surprise our jewellery wants to get up close. If you’re in a hurry pop these two on, for a gorgeous stack that will look good with just about any outfit you throw together on your way out the door (within reason obvs!!)

Wearing: Signum Cross Ring, Chain Link Ring

Tuff love

After all we’ve been through, it no wonder chunky has reached new heights. Think industrial, bolshy, in your face and you have this summer’s statement band. But we’ve all still got our soft edges so this divine croissant band and halo ring are alluringly curvaceous with this season’s gleaming gold and sparkling whites adding extra appeal. Ideal options when you want to do brunch in lockdown-style casuals.

Wearing: Croissant Ring, Halo Ring

Imperfect Perfection

Our desire to see beauty as it really is, is perfectly reflected in our current fascination with open rings and geometric shapes. Intersecting the most perfect shape in the world with jewels is pretty much the ideal image for us to savour right now. It might not be the cookie cutter image of perfection but your open ring paired with intimately linked, unique chain rings sums up how we feel about beauty in a nutshell.

Wearing: Emerald Chain Ring, Duo Open Ring, Chain Link Ring

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